Phil Collins - I Don’t Care Anymore

To be angry is necessary, sometimes, don’t you agree? After a lousy (work) day like this one, still seething with rage, and not the fun kind, where laughing about it all is already at your fingertips, I went looking for a fitting soundtrack. There are the obvious choices, like Rage Against The Machine or Metallica, or Korn, or Slayer, or something even further in that direction, where I’m afraid of mentioning song titles for fear of being shut out of the internet. They are great, if you want to feed your anger in a hopefully not too unhealthy fashion and to really wallow in it. I chose another strategy, and what I found, holy matrimony, I seriously wouldn’t have expected - I found Phil Collins!! 

“It’s downright unpleasant to listen to”, is allmusic’s verdict of the song released in 1983, an antithesis to Collins’ later “cuddly image”. Just try to hear past the 80ies sound aesthetic and imagine how cathartic it must be to play that drum track. 

Because it was such an unexpected find, cranking it up and listening to it a few times kind of helped. I’m still in this mood where you better not come at me with new age-y “it will work out” convictions. Seriously, sometimes it’s better to live it while it lasts, butterflies and rainbows will be back soon enough.

I don’t care anyMO’! no mo¨! no mo¨! no, no mo! Go Phil, let it out, against all odds!