Julian Lage & Chris Eldrige - Bone Collector

If you were a wunderkind and went from being the subject of a documentary movie at 8 years old to seamlessly becoming one of the most sought after guitar players - well, then you made it. It doesn’t work out like that all too often. Julian Lage (*1987) managed to forge himself a stunning career. He played with everyone, from Jim Hall to Béla Fleck to Antonio Sanchez, to name just a few and to show the breadth of his work. His debut album was released in 2011 and earned a grammy nomination. 

The collaboration with guitarist Chris Eldridge started with an “instant friendship”, as Lage puts it on his website. They jammed and texted for three years, until it was decided they would take two days from their busy schedules to record an LP, an hommage to american music like bluegrass. 

His latest album “Arclight” came out in march 2016, it features Kenny Wollesen on bass and Scott Colley on drums. There are a few live videos of the trio on youtube, check them out - they are amazing. This one is highly recommended: