Hannah Quinlivan - Travelling Light

scaringly beautiful - Hannah Quinlivan’s newest project shown in Melbourne (AUS). The main subject of the australian artist’s work are memories, and the shape in which they come. Are they fleeting? What are they made of, are they stable, or illuminated? To find out more about her process, check out another beautiful video: 

I met her during an artist residency in Singapore and have been following her career ever since. I love how well she can describe the subject she is most drawn to, and the diverse media she uses to find new ways to express it. To me personally, “Travelling Light” could be a dystopian nightmare straight out of Margaret Atwood’s imagination - don’t the women kind of look like the handmaids, confronted with their own or collective cruel memories they can’t shake off, as well as glimpses into their past before their lives became uniform and controlled?