visual arts

visual arts · 2018/08/08
How Gio Ponti helped me find myself. Or: how can you create a toilet as well as skyscraper, a lamp as well as an architectural magazine?

visual arts · 2018/03/02
the starting point of "disjointed street poetry. And: how Basquiat loved jazz

visual arts · 2018/02/20
Titian, his mistress and the Uffizi. Or: on ideal female beauty

visual arts · 2018/01/18
improvising in a visual arts context. and: on being more of a draftsman than a painter

visual arts · 2018/01/11
mixed media project reminiscent of the handmaid's tale, somehow. or: how to visualize the shape of memories

visual arts · 2018/01/11
on how creating a graphic novel is like mowing the lawn. and: on having zero knowledge about a subject, and trying to change that a little bit