visual arts · 2018/08/08
How Gio Ponti helped me find myself. Or: how can you create a toilet as well as skyscraper, a lamp as well as an architectural magazine?

classical music · 2018/03/13
He thought music was standing still. And wasn't fun anymore.

photography · 2018/03/13
James Dean, the fifties, Miles Davis. Or: the golden age of photo journalism?

literature · 2018/03/04
the cheesiest title ever for one of my favorite books ever. And: they split up! Sad.

popular music · 2018/03/04
well seasoned session musicians bringing back the funk. Or: take that, Taytay.

literature · 2018/03/04
A short story on what the first wife thinks of her husband: And: what she thinks of her limber yoga instructor.

jazz · 2018/03/04
There are more women in jazz by the minute. Or: is jazz really a DINOSAUR?

jazz · 2018/03/02
A jazz quartet and an orchestra. And: what's up with that, music police?

popular music · 2018/03/02
Commons hymn for Ava DuVernays film on the 13th amendment. Or: how to do an elevator pitch in the White House

visual arts · 2018/03/02
the starting point of "disjointed street poetry. And: how Basquiat loved jazz

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